CeVIO AI - Purchase Software Main Body & Voicebank - Software Localization

Let's cut to the chase, we need to purchase on dlsite because new users will get a 30% discount. You can use any payment method.

Register on DLsite#

Click here to register👉

New users will get a 30% discount, the discount code is official, valid for three days


Purchase points using

DLsite officially only supports JCB card payment, but provides third-party authorized purchase channels. On the DLsite Simplified Chinese site, on the purchase points page, we can see the option for Here I use Wise's visa card to purchase, 1 jpy=1 pt; Mainland Mastercard should also work.

Purchase the sound library or bundle you want#

For example, purchase the non-bundled package
Remember to select the coupon at checkout

Why not recommend using Alipay to purchase DL points#

The exchange rate is very high, 500 yen = 50 RMB

Why not recommend using agent recharge to purchase DL points#

Security and exchange rate are unsatisfactory

Why not recommend buying the main body and sound library from Amazon Japan#

Because I tried in the morning, mainland users ordering virtual goods for the first time on Amazon Japan will be banned (kyc)
(Even though I was very tempted by the -9% discount at first

Software Installation#


When you open the software, first enter the first activation key to activate CeVIO AI, you need to enter a binding email in the middle; then enter the second key to automatically download the corresponding sound library.

With this, the purchase and installation are complete.

Chinese localization of CeVIO AI#


The cracked offline version of CeVIO AI that I originally downloaded#

Now I want to buy the genuine version, what should I do?

  • From Windows settings, uninstall the CeVIO AI software
  • Open the Registry Editor, Ctrl+F search for CeVIO, delete all related registry entries
  • Run the CeVIO AI installer again
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