CeVIO AI - Simple Music Theory Concepts and FL Studio Usage


Major scale: whole, whole, half, whole, whole, whole, half
Minor scale: whole, half, whole, whole, half, whole, whole
# The whole or half depends on the empty space above the note

Dotted notes:

Dotted 2 quarter note = 1.5 2 quarter notes
Dotted 4 quarter note = 1.5 4 quarter notes
Rest: A measure with no sound

Measure: Between numbers, one number per measure
Note: The fraction of the measure is the note value
Whole note: Fills an entire measure

Time signatures:

3/4: Three-four time, four beats per measure, each beat is a quarter note

Tempo/Speed: 120 beats per minute = 120 BPM

Measuring tempo/speed:

Test beats by importing tracks into FL Studio (choose 75-150 for slow songs)
# Note: In FL Studio, make sure to open the playlist and piano roll in the top right corner view

When measuring tempo in FL Studio, it's in 4/4 time signature. If the original song is in 3/4 time, in cevio, you need to multiply by 3/4
# If FL measures 120bpm and cevio is in 3/4 time, then in cevio it would be 120*(3/4)

Reference track: To ensure accuracy, align the first kick drum sound


Note durations:

Pure numbers represent quarter notes;
One horizontal line below represents eighth notes; two horizontal lines below represent sixteenth notes;

Pitch ranges:

Pure numbers represent the lower octave (C3~B3)
One dot above represents the middle octave (C4~B4)
One dot below represents the higher octave (C2~B2)

# The number 0 represents a rest;

# The - to the right of a number indicates a sustained note of a quarter note duration;


FL Studio#

No sound in Piano Roll: Sampler does not produce sound, you need to open a piano in Plugin settings-generators-FL Keys on the left side

# Ctrl is used for selection

# Time signature is in the main settings

Transcribing: The last note with lyrics is the tonic, based on this determine the (major/minor) + (sharp/flat) key

To be continued.

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