Set up a free proxy and access openai.

Dependence on#

12 months free EC2 servers from AWS (Amazon Web Services)#

100GB of free monthly traffic

x-ui panel#

Build a proxy with vmess protocol

Cloudflare warp network proxy#

Make server traffic go through warp, as warp can unlock services like ChatGPT, Netflix, Disney, etc.


Apply for a server#

First, you need a Mastercard or Visa debit/credit card, which you can apply for online, such as a Mastercard from Bank of China. It will take about a month to receive it.
I used the non-personalized Bank of China Mastercard, which I applied for online. I won't provide a link here, but you can search on Baidu or Google.

Note that the card needs to have a balance of $2 for card verification, and the amount will be refunded after verification (or maybe not, I can't remember).

Then, register an account on Amazon Web Services

In the dashboard, select EC2, and you can choose any region in the top right corner, but do not choose HK, as HK cannot use warp!


Reference for setting up the machine

Note that the disk can be expanded to 30GB, which is also within the free plan.

SSH connection to the machine instance#

In the AWS EC2 console, edit the security group and create two rules in the inbound and outbound rules respectively.

  1. Allow all TCP IP range
  2. Allow all UDP IP range

Note that SSH connection uses a private key file for login, which will be automatically downloaded when creating the machine instance and cannot be downloaded again later.

Connect to the server via SSH, execute sudo passwd root to create a root password, and then use su to switch to the root user.

Set up x-ui panel#

Project address

Execute the one-click script to install x-ui:

bash <(curl -Ls

Execute the x-ui command again and choose bbr in the menu to enable it.

Once x-ui is set up, you can access your panel in the browser using IP:port and create a node to import and use the software.

Set up warp traffic forwarding#

If you don't need to access ChatGPT or unlock Netflix, you can skip this step.

Project address

Run the one-click script:

wget -N && bash d

Just use the default settings throughout the process. It may take some time to obtain the warp IP, which is normal.

Wait for the script to finish running. You don't need to make any settings, as all your machine's traffic will be forwarded through warp. It will also unlock services like ChatGPT.

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